Post Office Credit Card Warning

The Post Office insurance and banking section has a word of caution for anyone planning to use their credit card for overseas payments, whilst on holiday for example.

They advise people to be wary since some credit card providers and banks can levy very high charges for overseas transactions, charges that will not be detailed accurately until the bill arrives through the letter-box. Post Office Insurance services, providers of excellent travel insurance policies, are estimating almost 2.5 million people will leave the UK to spend Christmas and the New Year overseas, so the issue they are identifying could affect a lot of people.

As a Post Office spokesperson said, people want to get away to relax and have a happy time, but finding hefty charges added to what was originally a simple and inexpensive bill could lead to much sadness or anger later on. Better to check what the terms are prior to travelling so that, if they are unacceptable the card can be left at home, or used just as an emergency option.