Sainsbury's Bank Shopping Advice

Sainsburys Bank are recommending the use of credit cards for shopping as they can provide cash flow flexibility, special offers that can save money and also enhanced consumer protection.

Over Christmas as an example almost GBP12 billion was expected to be spent by consumers, with around GBP2 billion of that going on credit cards. This is the flexibility that a card can provide, delaying the time to pay until money is back in the persons account, after payday usually. If the card also offered zero percentage interest for a period too, a great option as Sainsburys Bank have proven with their own 12 months at 0 percent interest card, then even better because the amount to repay can be spread out over a longer period.

The key to using credit cards effectively is to ensure spending is always controlled, using the credit card sensibly and knowing the repayments have to be made. The Sainsburys Bank 0 percent interest offer is perfect for this as there are no additional interest payments that make the cost of buying things higher.