More Than Insurance Advice For Drivers Abroad

UK drivers planning a trip abroad should check their policies before travelling to make sure they are fully covered, according to More Than Insurance.

Although many drivers will have comprehensive cover and feel they are okay there are different rules applied for overseas motoring so it is always sensible to contact the insurer to ensure everything is okay prior to travel. In some instances a driver may find they have only limited protection in a different country until they request the additional cover. More Than Insurance suggest a quick phone call and it can all be sorted out very quickly.

If the overseas driving is only for a short period then the extra cover can be free of charge, although there can be costs applied, especially when a driver is spending some time on foreign roads. As a More Than Insurance spokesperson said, the risks are greater on unfamiliar roads and with different driving rules, so sometimes an additional charge has to be levied, otherwise all drivers would end up paying more for their policies.