Privilege See Drivers Going Further For Good Food

It seems that the great British public are happy to travel a little further for good food, with the weekend drive now becoming more popular again.

Privilege Insurance research points out the fact that almost half of people going for a pub meal will drive more than ten miles to get a good quality meal, with around ten percent quite happy to go twenty miles or more. Age wise it is the under thirties who are most likely to be found visiting these more distant pubs, although these are also the ones most likely to ignore the limit for drinking and driving.

Privilege insure many different sorts of drivers, including the under thirty market, and would like to ask that they seriously consider the implications of driving whilst over the limit, even if only by a little bit. The primary concern is for the safety of everyone naturally, but even if there is no accident the police are well aware of what is happening and, should a driver be stopped and be over the limit, the repercussions are immense.

After the driving ban has ended will there still be a job to go to and how much will insurance then cost for a convicted drink driver. Please think before you drink.