Tesco Takes A Step Into The Used Car Market

The big supermarket chain is now selling used cars via their website, and is one of the first major supermarket chains to do so. Does this start a trend for other big retailers? The big question everyone is asking though is. Would you buy your used vehicle from Tesco? A spokesperson from Tesco stated that they can offer low prices on all their used cars, especially under the current economic climate.

A recent survey conducted by Swinton asked their customers if they would buy a car from a supermarket chain, and these are the findings. Around 40 percent of motorists would buy from a chain like Tesco so long as the price of the car was competitively priced. Plus, around 20 percent of the drivers welcomed this new way of purchasing a car in terms of cost and time.

The only issue motorists may have a problem with buying from a website is that they cannot test drive the car before buying it. However you will be able to see a video of the vehicle and pictures, plus all the information about the car like mileage, fuel usage and much more.

The survey also found that buying a car this way would put off over 25 percent of motorists, stating they would not entertain this method of purchasing a car. The survey got a mixed response from all motorists who took part. I suppose we will just have to wait and see what the future holds for selling used cars though an Internet only website.

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