Childrens Bedrooms – Untidy But Valuable Say Lloyds TSB

Childrens bedrooms have over GBP25 billion worth of toys and technology items strewn around them according to a Lloyds TSB report.

The typical childs bedroom has items worth over GBP1,700 in it, a figure that is seven percent higher than last year, reflecting just how the life of a child has changed compared with previous generations. Factor in also the fact that parents are planning to spend somewhere in the region of GBP500 per child at Christmas and that figure rises once more. Bearing this information in mind Lloyds TSB are asking parents to check their home insurance cover to make sure they have enough.

A very sensible suggestion Lloyds TSB make is to go round room by room, calculating the value of goods as they go. The probability is that totting up the total value will show a much higher figure than expected, but at least the insurance cover can be amended to cover that rather than relying on under-estimation.