Home Insurance Reminder From Nationwide – Check The Garden

An Englishmans home may well be his castle, but what about the garden asks Nationwide Building Society. Home insurance customers will spend some time assessing the value of the property in their home but can easily overlook the garden it seems.

A new Nationwide Building Society survey has found that around 35 percent of those surveyed have items in the garden area worth upto GBP1,000. Without checking that these items are protected under the policy there could be some valuable items left unprotected in what is one of the easiest places for opportunists to get something for nothing.

This advice is even more applicable as the weather gets nicer and gardens are used more. It may be easy to leave items out for a few days, but when they are valuable and easy to remove perhaps it may be better to put them away safely. Nationwide Building Society insurance claims include many for garden furniture and they are hoping that this year it will be less as more homeowners take their advice.