Property Renters Should Make Sure They Are Covered

A survey carried out by Zurich Insurance of those in the private rental property market has found that well over a third of them have no home contents insurance in place. The data from Zurich showed the figure to be 37 percent, or almost a million people from the group surveyed.

The actual reasons for not having contents insurance vary , with around ten percent of people mistakenly thinking the insurance of the landlord will cover them and a further 25 percent deciding that the risk to their property and what it would cost makes it not worth getting insurance. However Zurich Insurance also found out that a third of people surveyed had contents worth over GBP10,000 and that replacing them would not be viable with the money they had.

A Zurich Insurance spokesman said that, although home contents insurance can seem of little consequence and become a very low priority it is an essential aspect of protection that, when thought about by the owner of all the possessions in the home, becomes much more important.