Protect Garden Treasures Says Lloyds TSB

With the better weather now appearing Lloyds TSB are advising us to think about our gardens and make sure they are not inviting thieves to visit.

A survey carried out by the bank found that around 10 percent of gardens have goods in them worth more than GBP3,000, with the most expensive item in the average garden being worth over GBP425 pounds. Gardens are used much more for general life now as households seek to make the most of their space. This leads to all sorts of items in the garden that would once not have been there said Lloyds TSB.

Although they are used as extensions of the home, householders do not always ensure their home insurance protects the items kept in gardens and so could find themselves out of pocket should they have items taken. Lloyds TSB home insurance covers the garden and they are advising everyone to check their policies to make sure valuable items are listed separately and that they are insured.