Summer Is Hot For Burglaries Says Saga Insurance

Saga Insurance is warning homeowners to take more care as the clocks go forward, since lighter evenings tend to generate more burglaries. The main reason is that homeowners tend to become less conscious of security issues as it gets lighter at night, making it so much easier for opportunist thieves to strike.

Warm evenings also mean that homeowners will spend more time outdoors, leaving doors and windows open, or at least unlocked, whilst they may be enjoying a balmy evening. The Saga Insurance spokesman advised customers to ensure they lock all doors and windows when not in the property. He also recommended putting garden items away rather than leaving them out overnight.

Summer holidays also create opportunities for burglars said the man from Saga Insurance, with almost half of all break ins taking place when the house is empty. He advised having someone call in every couple of days to make sure everything is okay and to give the appearance of someone being there.