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Cover starts with AA Pet Insurance for cats at just £4.20 per month and dogs at only £7.00 a month with a 10% online discount.

AA Overview

Points to consider concerning the AA Pet Insurance plan. The cost of obtaining a cheap pet insurance plan is much lower these days with different insurers offering fantastic incentives and features. Most policies offer a low monthly premium that is hard to buy. Cat and dog insurance policies have never been so cheap, however pet insurers all have their own specific way that they use to set their prices, so it would be wise to get as many quotes as you can for your specific pet needs and compare all the benefits of each policy. Insurers can be very crafty sometimes and although it seems that you are getting a really low monthly premium, your excess on the policy is very high. This means that when claiming you will have to pay out a larger sum of money. If you where not already aware, life long cover is the best cover option in order to protect your animal. It offers to pay for medial treatment up to a certain value, each year, as long as the pet requires medical attention. There are many other benefits that you should consider and not all of them are included, you might have to pay an additional fee for advertising and reward, third party liability cover, theft or straying and many others. Always make the effort to study the terms and conditions on these policies as no two policies are the same. Don’t take things for granted, make sure you have the cover you think you have!

AA Contact Details

AA Pet Insurance contact information:
Address: not available
Telephone Number: 0845 677 0096
Website: www.theaa.com

AA Key Facts

AA Pet Insurance is for cats and dogs, and can help animal owners steer clear of paying expensive vet bills through their affordable pet insurance policy. It offers cover up to £5,000 on vet fees and you’ll also get a 10% saving online! For features an

  • AA dog insurance from £7.00 per month
  • Up to £5,000 on vet treatment bills
  • 10% online discount
  • Up to £750 covered for theft or straying
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