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Insure your furry friends with Argos Pet Insurance from £3.80 for cats and from £6.45 for dogs.

Argos Overview

Points to consider concerning the Argos Pet Insurance plan. Owners of dogs and cats may find these tips beneficial, as they can help them achieve cheaper pet insurance. Pet insurers have made it more affordable for pet owners to have an insurance policy that will protect them against costly vet bills, in the event of disease, ill health or an accident. The plans obviously don’t just involve medical treatment bills; they offer lots of other coverage. Features include reimbursement of the purchase price of the pet if it dies, advertising and reward costs if the animal is lost or stolen, life long cover where cover is paid every year up to a valued sum for the rest of the pet’s life. Watch out for insurance policies that seem very cheap and offer a really low monthly premium, insurers may increase the excess on the policy to a higher amount. This way when a claim is made, the policyholder will have to contribute more money towards the costs, very crafty of them. Comparing the prices of several policies is the best way to achieve savings, so try to compare the same levels of cover if you can, because each policy may have different considerations. Other benefits are always great to have, but never forget that you’ll have to pay for them somehow, so if you don’t need it, don’t add it on to the policy. Keeping the extras to a minim will keep the costs down too.

Argos Contact Details

Argos Pet Insurance contact information:
Address: not available
Telephone Number: 0845 677 0096

Argos Key Facts

Argos Pet Insurance gives pet owners three levels of cover to choose from depending on their requirements and budget. For old aged dog’s vets fees are covered with NO maximum age limit and all pets can get up to £7,000 for vet bill costs per incident.

  • Argos Dog Insurance from £6.45
  • Up to £7,000 covered for vet fees
  • 5% online discount
  • Cover for theft or straying pet up to £750
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