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Do you love your pet? Well, you’ll love Asda Pet Insurance; it starts from just £3.71 a month for cats and £8.42 for dogs.

Asda Overview

Points to consider concerning the Asda Pet Insurance plan. Can you bear facing hefty vet bills for medical treatment costs that are needed for your cat or dog if it has been involved in a car accident or has just become ill? The average vet bill these days can mount into hundreds of pounds. Can you afford a bill like that? But, with a quality pet insurance plan from one of the many top providers all this worry of paying huge vet bills is taken away. All policyholders have to do is pay a few of pounds each months towards a policy that will give them the coverage they require for their pets health needs. There are of course many other benefits too that pet owners can enjoy like advertising and reward costs, costs for looking after your pet if you need to g into hospital, third party liability cover and much more. Each policy is different and does have different features, some only provide lifelong cover and some do not. Lifelong cover is the best cover you can buy, but is more expensive than other plans which just offer cover per condition at a financial capped amount. When getting a quote check to see that the excess is a reasonable amount and not extraordinarily high, some providers use this tactic so they can offer a really cheap monthly cost. But when it comes to making a claim, you’ll have to contribute more of your money towards the costs of the claim. This will benefit some policyholders, but paying out a large excess just seems none productive and against the idea of having insurance in the first place.

Asda Contact Details

Asda Pet Insurance contact information:
Address: ASDA Financial Services, PO Box 7483 , Perth , PH2 0YS
Telephone Number: 0845 300 5771

Asda Key Facts

Asda Pet Insurance has the right cover for your furry friend and all budgets. Choose from 3 levels of cover; value, standard and superior. Pay monthly at no extra cost and get a 10% discount when you insure two or more pets. For features and benefits o

  • Asda dog insurance cover from £8.42 per month
  • Vet's fees (per condition) up to £6,000 with no time limit
  • Theft and straying up to £1,500
  • 10% discount when you insure two or more animals
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