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Homebase Pet Insurance offers two levels of cover to choose from starting at £3.38 per month for cats and £7.07 per month for dogs.

Homebase Overview

Points to consider concerning the Homebase Pet Insurance plan. Need a few tips to assist you in getting a low cost pet insurance plan? Your dog or cat deserves quality health insurance just like us humans. Having a cat or dog insurance policy can be more cost effective than saving the money up your self every month for potential medical treatment and many other benefits. It’s not just about covering medical treatment costs if your pet becomes ill, it also includes third party liability cover, advertising and reward when your dog or cat has been stolen or lost, reimbursement of the purchasing cost of the pet if it dies, plus many others. You should look at upgrading the medical treatment costs to life long cover instead of cover for each condition up to a certain amount of money. Life long cover gives protection for the pet’s life every year up to a certain amount of money. It’s the best level of cover you can buy, but it does cost more. Beware of cheap priced policies, they may not provide the cover you think you are receiving. Also, check the excess is not too high, some insurers increase the excess amount, so when you do claim, you’ll contribute more of your money towards the costs. This is how some insurers can offer a cheaper monthly premium. It is advisable before making a decision whether to purchase or not, to read thoroughly the terms and conditions of the plan, to make sure your happy with what you are paying for.

Homebase Contact Details

Homebase Pet Insurance contact information:
Address: not available
Telephone Number: 0845 677 0096
Website: http://www.homebase.com

Homebase Key Facts

Homebase Pet Insurance for cats and dogs covers up to £7,500 in vet treatment bills every single year, with no limit to the duration of treatment. Pet owners can save up to 10% when they buy online. For features and benefits of the policy see below:

  • Homebase dog insurance from £7.07 a month
  • Up to £7,500 on vet treatment costs
  • 10% online discount
  • Up to £1,500 for theft or straying
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