More Than Pet Insurance

More Than Pet Insurance offers pet owners monthly premiums starting from £3.42 for cats and dogs, plus a magnificent 30% online discount.

More Than Overview

Points to consider concerning the More Than Pet Insurance plan. Do pet owners really require a pet insurance policy to protect their dog or cat from expensive vet bills and other benefits? You could just save the money up yourself every month rather than taking out a policy. This is kind of like self insurance, when you need the money for vet treatment costs, you’ll have the money because you have saved it up. But, what would happen if your animal caused damage to another person and they sued you for damages? A good pet plan includes third party liability cover that will protect you from events like this. It also covers the death of your cat or dog, and if it was to die you would be able to get back the purchase price you paid for the animal. What about if your pet is lost or has been stolen? You can claim for cost for advertising and reward fees in order to help get your pet back. When looking at the amount of medical cover that is required you want to try and obtain lifelong cover, other plans may only include financially or time capped coverage. A policy with lifelong is rather more expensive but will provide cover every year for the pets life at a certain value of money for treatments. It’s recommended that pet owners take a good look at the policy before they buy and study the terms and conditions of the policy first.

More Than Contact Details

More Than Pet Insurance contact information:
Address: MORE TH>N Customer Services Centre, P O Box 825, Colmore Gate, Birmingham B3 2AY
Telephone Number: 0800 072 4186

More Than Key Facts

More Than Pet Insurance provides cover with no 12 month limit, your cat or dog will be covered for the full duration of any medical treatment with up to £7,000 on vet fees for each and every new illness and injury. Comprehensive cover starts with up to

  • More Than dog insurance from £3.89 per month
  • Vet bills up to £7,000
  • Theft or strayed animals up to £600
  • 30% online discount
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More Than Pet Insurance News

Dog Bites Need More Than Insurance

Statistics provided by the NHS show that the number of people being bitten by dogs is on the increase and of course the dog owner is responsible for any damage caused.