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Get lifelong cover for your cat or dog from Petplan Insurance the UK’s biggest pet insurer plus a 10% discount.

Petplan Overview

Points to consider concerning the Petplan Pet Insurance plan. As pet lovers we always want to make sure that our pets get the best treatment if they suffering ill health or have been in an accident and need medical treatment. With one of the pet insurance policies available through us, you will be able to provide top quality coverage for your cat or dog and it will not cost you the earth in high premiums. Pet cover is very reasonably priced these days and prices start from just a few pounds a month. The level of cover does however differ with some policies especially where medical treatment and vet bills are concerned. Some companies may offer cover per condition only up to a certain amount, which means that when all the money has been used up for that condition, there will be no more treatment, unless you decide to pay for it out of your own pocket. A different cover option provided by only a few providers is lifelong cover, this is a much better option for coverage and give cover for per medical condition at certain costs and is available every year at that figure for the full life of the pet. This is much more expensive than the other levels of cover, but offers much more money to be sent on treatment costs. You will also find other benefits and features to complement your policy such as cost of advertising when you dog or at has been stolen or seems to be lost. Third party liability is also included on some policies and it great to have for extra security.

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Petplan Pet Insurance contact information:
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Telephone Number: 0845 677 0096

Petplan Key Facts

Petplan Insurance is perfect for cats and dogs offers lifelong cover on their policy to pet owners. Petplan is now considered to be the UK's largest pet insurance provider (Datamonitor 2009). Quality cover provided, up to £12,000 on vet bills! For feat

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  • Up to £12,000 on vet bills
  • 10% online discount
  • Up to £1,000 for theft or straying
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