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Post Office Pet Insurance is cutting down the cost of insuring your cat or dog and with some fantastic benefits.

Post Office Overview

Points to consider concerning the Post Office Pet Insurance plan. We all like to think that we have got the cheapest deal on the market for insuring our loved furry friends. But, searching for the cheapest pet insurance policy is not the best tactic when it comes to a pet’s health insurance needs. A quality policy with high vet bill costs and treatment for diseases like diabetes and epilepsy is what is required. Many of the policies offer cover per condition and at a set amount of money for that condition, and once the money has been spent on that condition you’ll have to continue the cost if you want the treatment to continue on your animal. That’s why life long cover is a better option, it is more expensive but it offers treatment costs up to an amount of money every year for the life of the pet. There are many other top benefits too that you’ll receive such as 3rd party liability cover, money towards straying and theft and money if the pet dies. So now you know what to look for when deciding on what level of cover your want for your cat or dog. Comparing policies is easier than you think, but take note with the excess on the policy, make sure it is not too high. You don’t want to be faced with large excess charges when you make a claim. So, take the time to check the features of the policy in the terms and conditions section, just to make sure you know what you’re buying and the cover you can expect.

Post Office Contact Details

Post Office Pet Insurance contact information:
Address: Post Office, Freepost, PO BOX 740, Brampton, Barnsley S73 0UF
Telephone Number: 08457 22 33 44

Post Office Key Facts

Post Office Pet Insurance will cover your dog or at for up to £5,000 per condition on vet fees for illness and medical treatment. If the treatment lasts longer than 12 months you’ll still be paid as long as your premium payments are still up to date. T

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  • Up to £5,000 on vet costs
  • Theft or straying up to £1,000
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