Sainsburys Bank Pet Insurance Division Warns To Protect Your Pets

A recent survey carried out by Sainsburys Bank has shown how over a million pet owners in the UK believe they have had a pet stolen in the last five years.

For those without pets this may seem a little odd, but it is a very serious problem said Sainsburys Bank, with unscrupulous thieves targeting pets to steal either to sell elsewhere as a pet or for breeding, or sometimes to hold to ransom. They know that pedigree cats and dogs are valuable both as animals and also for the breeding they carry so have no qualms about taking them from their owners. The emotional aspect of taking them for ransom is a shocking revelation but a serious one.

Linking in with these scenarios Sainsburys Bank are making all pet owners aware that their pet insurance policy covers a reward for the return of a missing pet, which some other policies do not.