Tesco Finance Chocolate Warning For Pets

Chocolate, though delicious to most humans, is dangerous to dogs and should be kept away from them says the pet insurance department of Tesco Finance.

There are chemicals found in chocolate that can cause terrible digestive problems for our furry friends and in extreme cases, usually where very large quantities are ingested, death can result. Now in most cases this is highly unlikely, but the basic message Tesco Finance are sharing is that our pets, albeit our close friends, will not appreciate being fed chocolate.

Christmas time is always a chocolate-rich time of the year, and it is easy for a dog to find some on the floor or as a decoration and eat it. Pet owners can easily avoid this situation by being aware of the problem and keeping chocolate out of harms way. Should an owner feel their doggy really must have chocolate then Tesco Finance recommend dog-friendly chocolate that has the dangerous chemicals removed.