Tesco Finance Pet Insurance Warns About Vets Bills

Following a study by Tesco Finance regarding our pets the first thing most of us should do is get pet insurance, as only 12 percent of UK pet owners currently have any.

The worrying aspect of this news is that almost forty percent of pet owners feel they would not be able to afford the bill if their pet needed veterinary attention, leaving them in a very difficult position.

The Tesco Finance study also found that over fifty percent of dog owners had taken their pets to the vet in the last couple of years, clearly having to struggle in some instances to cover the cost of keeping their family friend healthy.

Pet owners can breathe a sigh of relief though as Tesco Finance are very kindly reducing the cost of their pet insurance by twenty percent, thereby making the cover more affordable to those who need it. The twenty percent discount is available for those ordering online, should the transaction be done over the phone then the discount is reduced to ten percent.