Check Your Old Bank Accounts Says Halifax

A spokesperson for Halifax has urged people to check those old savings books and accounts, as many of them will have money in them.

Although the sums held are not expected to be large, usually less than GBP 100, it is better to free the money up to use elsewhere, be it a new savings account or for other jobs rather than leaving it where it is. Halifax started a push on liberating the money held in old and forgotten accounts in February and in that time have put around GBP 6 million back into peoples hands.

One of the most common ways of losing track of a bank account is when people move house, forgetting to tell the bank the new address details. With everything else going on it is easy to mislay a bank book or forget about it and this is how all the money ends up sitting around, waiting to be claimed.

As the Halifax spokesperson said, it is that individuals money so they should benefit from it.