Quality Of Life Highest In Buckinghamshire Says Halifax

According to the latest quality of life survey carried out by the Halifax the best place in the United Kingdom right now is Buckinghamshire. The survey found it had the healthiest residents and also some of the highest paid.

It is good that the residents of Buckinghamshire are the highest paid in the country since house prices are around 7.5 percent higher than the rest of the south east, itself an already expensive area to live. This may be related to another aspect of Buckinghamshire life – that houses there are larger than average.

It is thought also that golf may be the most popular sport in the area, though no data was provided for that, although the fact it is the sunniest county will certainly help support the idea. The Halifax spokesman who introduced the survey findings felt it was clearly a wonderful place to live, though the price of living there is not a small one financially.