Sainsburys Bank Warn Motorists To Be Aware On Cold Mornings

Good advice comes from Sainsburys Bank car insurance division, warning car drivers to be especially attentive when warming their vehicles on cold mornings prior to setting off on their journey.

According to research carried out by Sainsburys Bank well over 300,000 people have had their cars stolen from right under their noses in these situations during the last five years. The problem occurs where drivers get the engine started then begin clearing off the windows and getting the interior warmed prior to travel. Popping back indoors, even for a few seconds, can be all it takes to find the car driven away by an opportunistic thief.

Of course, from an insurance perspective the fact that the keys were left in the unlocked car with its engine running means policies are normally invalidated, leaving the motorist with no car and no recompense for its loss. This is not a situation Sainsburys Bank or any other car insurance provider wishes to find their customers in, hence their warning to drivers against it.