It Is Not Wise To Under Insure Says

Liverpool Victoria and are advising property owners to make sure that they have adequate coverage on their home insurance policy, for their contents and possessions. With the recent high value of gold, the insurer is finding that most claims being made do concern the theft of homeowner’s gold. Prices of gold are at an all time high and many homes are being broken into by burglars looking for gold. LV is asking policy holders to make sure they have the right amount of coverage for their gold jewellery as the value of the jewellery has now probably doubled or tripled in price since they last had it valued.

LV stated that around ninety percent of home insurance claims are due to stolen gold jewellery. Burglars are naturally tempted by the high value of gold, and 90% of home insurance claims include stolen gold. So without running the risk of being under insured homeowners should review their valuation of their possessions if they have not done so in the last few years.

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