Storm Protection Advice From The Halifax

The Halifax insurance division is providing advice to homeowners across the UK as bad weather sweeps across the country. It also added that, should claims be made they are well prepared to deal with them promptly.

Prevention can be better than cure as the Halifax says, in this case by stopping damage to the property in the first place. Suggestions include securing any items kept outside, garden furniture for example. Flooding can also be prepared for by placing sandbags outside doors and windows that may be affected. This may still not be enough for some situations but in a lot of cases it will save property and mean no claim is needed.

The Halifax is sure that claims are set to rise with the bad weather and so have brought in additional resources to deal with the expected volume of calls. There are also more insurance assessors on call to go out to locations and deal with the claim quickly so homeowners can get back to normal as soon as possible.