LV= Pet Insurance Introduced

Family pets, and their owners, can now enjoy protection by LV= Liverpool Victoria with their new pet insurance policies. The cover is available for dogs and cats at the moment.

The feline and canine family members can be covered from as little as GBP5 per month - GBP7 if it is a dog – and cover can begin as early as 8 weeks old. The most popular policy is expected to be the Liverpool Victoria Essential Pet Insurance policy, a basic but full featured policy that offers up to 12 months cover from when the condition the pet is suffering from begins. Alternatively doting owners can take out the Premier Pet Insurance policy from LV=, which pays out up to GBP5,000 per medical complaint, with no time limit on the duration.

A spokesperson from Liverpool Victoria, also known as LV=, outlined the company view of pet insurance and how they want to give pet owners good value for money and decent cover, without using the small print to avoid paying out on claims.