Liverpool Victoria Expects A Turbulent Stock Market

According to a recent survey of financial advisors by Liverpool Victoria, known also as LV=, the stock market is expected to be in a turbulent state for the next few months at least, according to almost 90 percent of those surveyed.

The general concensus of opinion from the Liverpool Victoria survey is that the worldwide credit crunch will keep on pressing markets for some time. Shares are a fast moving indicator of financial stability so they are clearly going to be moving sharply as situations change. In the UK the housing market will surely feel the repercussions of the global credit shortage too, with lenders much more wary of offering money that may not be repaid. Of those surveyed just under half of them thought the housing market would take a downward turn during the first six months of the year.

The managing director of Liverpool Victoria Asset Management, commenting on the survey, said that history always shows fluctuations in what is an upward trend overall. He also thought that the economy could be bolstered by base rate interest cuts.