Churchill Pet Insurance

Insure your dog or cat with Churchill Pet Insurance from only £3.99 a month and includes free pet emergency cover.

Churchill Overview

Points to consider concerning the Churchill Pet Insurance plan. Our pets are like our friends and are an integral part of our family, so to do they require health insurance like us. But choosing a quality pet insurance plan is not that easy, pet owners are faced with many questions about what level of cover they require and additional features that they may find advantageous. When comparing policies from other providers you need to compare the sum of money offered for vet treatment, online discount and of course the monthly cost. You can add other benefits like advertising and reward, 3rd party liability cover and cover if you need help looking after the cat or dog if you have to go in hospital yourself. Do you want life long cover? This will pay for treatment for the rest of the pet’s life, should it need it, up to an agreed value every year. Pet providers set their prices differently, in particularly the excess contribution. You might experience an insurer wanting more for excess than another company. Always check the excess as this is a sneaky way off the insurer offering what seems to be a cheap monthly premium, but when looking in to it in more detail, is more expensive if a claim is made. Checking the terms and conditions of the cat or dog insurance policy is advisable, this way you’ll know exactly what your money is buying.

Churchill Contact Details

Churchill Pet Insurance contact information:
Address: Westmoreland Road, Bromley , Kent . BR1 1DP
Telephone Number: 0800 200 307

Churchill Key Facts

Churchill Pet Insurance allows pet owners to insure their dog or cat for up to £3,000 on vet fees for each new condition it also includes pet emergency cover and a 10% online discount. For features and benefits of the policy see below:

  • Churchill dog insurance from £3.99
  • Up to £3,000 on vet costs
  • 10% online discount
  • Request a quote for theft or strayed pets
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