Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance

Animal lovers can get lifelong cover for their cat or dog with Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance at an affordable price.

Marks And Spencer Overview

Points to consider concerning the Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance plan. Insuring your cat or dog in case it becomes ill or requires medical attention is an important point to consider. Vet bills and treatment are now becoming very expensive, and the average vet bill is a few hundred pounds, so it would be wise to insure your animal with a quality pet insurance policy, as soon as you can. Don’t wait around until the animal is older and its health is degrading, insuring your puppy or kitten from an early age will mean a cheaper premium. Older pets will struggle to get cover or be forced to pay extremely high premium for time and financially capped cover, which is not the best. The lifelong cover option offers the best cover, which provides full medical cover for the whole of the pet’s life, each year for a set amount of money. So if it needs treatment for diabetes, it will receive the cover. A policy is not just about medical treatment for the pet, it covers death of the animal and advertising costs if the pet has been stolen or is lost. Third arty liability is also a benefit and offers cover if your pet causes damage to another party and they seek financial liability from you. Before you decide to buy a policy, compare several quotes and be careful as not all policy are the same, insurers employ tactics that might mislead some policyholders in to thinking they have a really cheap premium, but later discovering that this is because they have increased the excess on the plan to a much high than normal amount. So when you make a claim you will have to pay out more money.

Marks And Spencer Contact Details

Marks & Spencer Pet Insurance contact information:
Address: Marks & Spencer Money, Customer Services Department, Kings Meadow, Chester CH99 9FB
Telephone Number: 0800 363 400
Website: www.marksandspenc