Sainsburys Pet Insurance

12 months for the price of 9 only with Sainsburys Pet Insurance plus double nectar points for 2 years on Sainsbury's shopping and fuel.

Sainsburys Overview

Points to consider concerning the Sainsburys Pet Insurance plan. Are you looking for a great deal on cat or dog insurance? We can help assist pet owners to get a pet insurance policy that is right for them and their animal, and one that meets their budget and level of coverage. Our furry animal friends are very dear to us and are part of the family, so it’s only fair that they receive health insurance treatment like the rest of us. It’s true that the average vet bill is now running into several hundreds of pounds and can be a very expensive proposition for many pet owners. You can really worry about the costs when having to take your pet. Medication and vet care is very expensive so do yourself a favour and opt for a pet insurance policy that will take care of all these costs. All you have to do is pay a small monthly amount to the provider. It’s a really inexpensive way of giving your pet quality health cover. Not to mention many other features such as cover on death of your pet and receive the purchase price, help with costs if your cat or dog has been stolen or strayed, plus third party liability. When it comes to looking at the level of cover for medical treatment, you should opt for life long cover. This offers cover for the condition every year at an agreed sum for the whole of the pet’s life. Some policies will only cover treatment costs per condition up to an agreed amount of money. So if you reach the total cover for a condition, that’s it, you will not receive anymore treatment for that condition, unless you pay for it yourself. That’s why life long cover is the best option; it may be more expensive, but better in the long run if required.

Sainsburys Contact Details

Sainsburys Pet Insurance contact details:
Postal Address: Sainsbury's Bank, Teviot House, 41 South Gyle Crescent, EDINBURGH EH12 9BD
Telephone Number: 0845 850 0092
Website Address: www.sainsburysbank