Halifax Home Insurance

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Halifax Overview

Halifax Home Insurance Overview - Halifax Bank offers many insurance services and they are all underwritten by the ESURE who are part of the Halifax Building Society and Bank of Scotland Group. The Halifax always prides itself on giving all it's customers great value for money when purchasing any of their insurance products. Halifax Bank offer many products such as home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance and many others.

Halifax Contact Details

Halifax Home Insurance contact information:
Address: Halifax Bank, The Observatory, Reigate, Surrey . RH2 0SG
Contact Number: 0845 605 7757
Website: www.halifax.co.uk

Halifax Key Facts

As a new customer of Halifax Home Insurance you will benefit from the following features outlined below:

  • Up to 30% no claims discount
  • Buy online for discount home insurance
  • Flexible payment options i.e pay monthly
  • Additional 5% discount for combined buildings and contents cover
  • More features available
  • To find out more please read the full summary of cover when you get a quote.
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Halifax Home Insurance News

Beware Neighbours Diy Disasters Warns Halifax

Following a study by the Halifax home insurance division it appears that neighbours DIY projects can affect more than themselves, as nearly 600,000 people last year had their own homes damaged after a neighbours DIY went wrong.

Storm Protection Advice From The Halifax

The Halifax insurance division is providing advice to homeowners across the UK as bad weather sweeps across the country.

Advice On Storm Damage Limitation Comes From Halifax

As the Met Office issues more storm warning across the UK so Halifax home insurance are advising customers and other homeowners on some basic ways of dealing with the adverse weather and protect their homes and property as best they can.

Halifax Advise Homeowners To Get Experts In For Renovation

A word of warning comes from the Halifax home insurance department, who are advising those doing major home renovations to ask the experts to help.

Tell Your Insurer About Car Boot Bargains Say Halifax

Britain is a nation of shopkeepers Napoleon said, well perhaps bargain hunters and car boot sellers is more apt at the moment.

Beware Kitchen Nightmares Says Halifax Contents Insurance

With more and more people being urged to cook and create wonderful dishes in the style of Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver et al so Halifax insurance are urging them to take extra care in the kitchen.

Halifax Storm Advice

As storms work their way around the UK once again so Halifax advises homeowners to take some precautions to protect their homes and themselves.

Toddlers Create Home Insurance Claims Says Halifax

Halifax are advising everyone to watch out for the toddlers around their homes as they cause millions of pounds worth of damage every year, with boys apparently the most likely to have caused the damage.

Halifax Home Contents Insurance Holiday Advice

A report by Halifax shows that many millions of households in the UK could be easy prey for thieves this Christmas.